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Advanced Strategic Public Sector Management

Advanced Strategic Public Sector Management

London Business Training & Consulting

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London (Inglaterra)

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Duración : 9 Días

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to understand:

The management of those services which are provided directly by the public sector – financial management, performance management, information technology, customer-citizen orientation & service design, and audit & inspection.

The management of those services which are outsourced – the uses of the market in public services, the contracting process, the special contractual form, and the Public-Private Partnership.

The management of services that have been privatised but in which the government maintains the public interest through regulation.

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Public service heads, managers, and those who work in some capacity with the public sector; those employed within the public sector charged with the responsibility of bringing about change so that their organisation is more efficient and offers more value for money; public service executives that understand the need for reform and, as a team, think through the recalibration of the state and its services that this implies; Those who wish to address the ethos, goals and disciplines of public service and will help to create the means of refashioning and strengthening them.

Temario completo de este curso

Managing Public Finance
  • A brief history of financial management in government
  • Budgeting at national level
  • The art of cutting budgets
Managing Performance
  • Why measure and manage performance?
  • The three E’s
  • Education
  • Individuals and organisational performance
  • Performance management and policy evaluation
  • Managerial discretion
  • The ambition
  • The achievement
  • The challenges
Customer-Citizen Orientation
  • Customers, voters and citizens
  • Approaches to customer orientation
  • Contradictions in customer-citizen orientation
Audit and Inspection
  • From conformance to performance
  • Audit
  • Children and education
  • Prisons
  • Learning to deal with inspection
The Use of the Market in Public Services
  • Markets and ‘quasi markets’
  • Why rule by markets?
  • A competitive spectrum
  • Managing in the competitive environment
Managing through Contracts
  • The contracting environment
  • Contracting and commissioning
  • Obligational and adversarial contracting
  • Success and failure in contracting
Public-Private Partnerships
  • Why PPPs?
  • Types of agreement
  • Prisons
  • Building schools for the future
  • Hospitals
  • Urban regeneration / property development
  • Highways
  • Is there a future for PPP?
  • Regulation
  • Power
  • Water and sewage
  • The railway
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