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The Business Context of Total Quality Management

The Business Context of Total Quality Management

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London (Inglaterra)

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Duración : 1 Semana

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to understand:

The history and concept of policy development.

A policy deployment model that will enable an organisation to deploy, in an effective manner, its vision, mission, goals, objectives, targets and means.

Why quality costs are important to management.

How to identify, collect, analyse, report and use quality costs to best advantage.

The typical pitfalls in quality cost collection.

The need to consider the ‘soft-aspects’ of TQM.

The key role that the HR function can play in the development and success of TQM.

The implications for service quality in a changing business environment.

The characteristics of service, the service quality GAP model, dimensions and determinants of service and service encounters and service delivery processes and the role of personnel.

The importance and role of supplier development in TQM and the need to develop long-term collaborative business partnerships between customer and supplier.

The typical barriers in supplier development.

How organisations should start and advance the partnership concept.

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Fecha inicio

Noviembre 2020

A quién va dirigido

Chief officers, directors and heads of departments who wish to play a greater role in determining the quality policy within their organisations; senior management team members who wish to create the strategic dialogue, organisational environment, atmosphere, values and behaviour in which total quality management (TQM) can achieve its potential; those who wish to create an organisational culture in which each person in every department is fully committed to improving their own performance and is dedicated to satisfying their internal customers’ needs and future expectations; middle and first-line management who wish to play a key role in putting the principles of TQM in place at the sharp end of their organisation; industrialists; management consultants.

Temario completo de este curso

Policy Deployment
  • What is policy deployment?
  • The policy deployment process
  • A check-reflect-improve-scrutinise-pass (CRISP)
  • Approach to policy deployment
Quality Costing
  • Categorisation of quality costs
  • Collecting quality costs
  • Some cost aspects of manufacturing industry
  • Reporting quality costs
  • Use of quality costs
Managing People
  • QM and the management of people
  • HR policies and practices
  • Employee involvement
  • Organisational culture
  • Integration
Managing Service Quality
  • The service environment
  • Defining service quality
  • The role of personnel in service delivery
  • Service delivery
Supplier Development
  • Long-term issues of partnership
  • Barriers to developing partnerships
  • Conditions of partnership
  • The issues to be considered in partnership
  • The process of partnership
  • Potential difficulties of operating partnerships
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