Business Succession Planning

Business Succession Planning

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Do you want to create and manage a succession plan? With this new course added by you will be able to do so!

This course in Business Succession Planning imparted by London Training for Excellence has been meticulously designed to help you achieve your goal.

Thanks to the design of the course the participants will be prepared to take on vital leadership roles as they will have a strong basis in management skills and planning.

The Business Succession Planning course will teach you the difference between succession planning and mere replacement planning. Allowing you to prepare people to take on the responsibilities of leadership and picking the right person for the job.

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Developing an HR Strategy Evolution of HR from Tactical to Strategic. Definition of HR Roles. HR Business Partners. The Role of HR within Strategy Formulation. Organisational Aims and Culture. The keys to success in Strategic Business Planning. Succession Planning Vs. Replacement Planning What is Business Succession Planning? What Is Replacement Planning? Differences Between Deciding What You Need Case Study Preparing for the Planning Process How to Set Parameters for the Planning Process Should You Establish a Committee? How to Gather Operational Data Case Study Developing the Succession Plan Prioritize What the Succession Plan Will Address Set Goals and Objectives Develop a Strategy for Achieving Goals Draft the Plan Case Study Understanding Talent Management Guidelines Importance & Benefits Challenges Key Elements to Developing a Winning Strategy Case Study Coaching Training & Development Setting Goals Developing Options Providing Feedback Wrapping Up Case Study
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