Emerging Leaders Program

Emerging Leaders Program

ESMT Berlin - European School of Management and Technology

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Berlin (Alemania) y 1 más

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Duración : 7 Días

Succeeding requires a profound change in both skills and mindset: from a talent who delivers value individually to a leader who creates value through others.

The Emerging Leaders Program, imparted by ESMT Berlin - European School of Management and Technology is designed to enable participants to manage this critical transition and realize their full leadership potential.

With this course, new talents assigned to their first leadership roles will gain the necessary knowledge to prove their managing skills to their superiors, peers, and collaborators.

In the first module, participants will develop insights and tools to help them deal with the multifaceted contexts in which leadership plays out while learning how effective leadership requires actively managing upwards, downwards, and laterally.

While in the second module, through intense interactions with faculty, peers, and professional actors, they will explore the ethical and psychological foundations of leadership and work on preparing a foundation for their own individual path to leadership.

Don’t miss this chance and learn to be successful at your new role.

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Concepts and tools needed to better understand the principles of human behavior within organizations .Increase acceptance of their ideas and work requests and establish productive working relationships with subordinates, peers, and superiors Further develop leadership skills and remain resilient in the face of work- and team-related challenges Post-program follow-up support to assist with putting new skills into practice Prepare emerging leaders for future leadership roles Discover various ways to achieve leadership positions Emerging Leaders alumni system for participants and their organizations.

A quién va dirigido

Our Emerging Leaders Program is intended to Managers who have recently been appointed to leadership positions or high potentials in preparation of their first significant leadership roles. It is designed to embrace participants with diverse professional and personal backgrounds.

Temario completo de este curso

Module 1: The context of leadership
ESMT Berlin
  • Understand the company behind the organization chart Build an effective network Create value through downward, upward, and lateral management Motivate self and others Build a high-performance team culture

Module 2: Personal leadership skills
Athens, Greece
  • Ethical and psychological foundations of leadership Leadership in action Communicate as a leader Leadership transitions and self­development
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