Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering

Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering

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Duración : 5 Días

"Reservoir engineering is an important discipline used in Oil & Gas industry for the estimation of hydrocarbons present in a reservoir, recovery factor and attachment of a time scale. The course included a study of phase behaviour of multi-component hydrocarbon systems, with a full explanation of the calculation method used in order to obtain practical and reliable results related to the movement of fluids and recovery of oil and natural gas.


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"This course is intended for geologists, geoscientist, petroleum engineers, chemical engineers and related professionals that are not expert in this field and want to introduce themselves in the study of reservoir engineering for professional or academic reasons. Some basic knowledge of mathematics, calculus, transport phenomena and engineering is needed in order to fully understand the contents of this course, although some concepts can be explained if not familiar."

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Hydrocarbons volume determination Recovery factor Volumetric gas reservoir engineering Real gas equation applied to reservoir engineering Hydrocarbon phase behaviour PVT analysis for oil Fluid sampling PVT laboratory analysis Material balances applied to oil reservoirs Applications of Darcy law Well stimulation Supplementary recovery Differential equations for radial flow Oil well testing Gas well testing Natural water influx Immiscible displacement Introduction to reservoir engineering software
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