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Homestay intensive standar

Homestay intensive standar


Curso presencial


IVA inc.

Spanish intensive course in teacher's home, with 3,4,5 or 6 hours at day of classes. Includes 3 meals at day, the classes that you choose and 1 visit cultural at week.

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All the courses that we offer allow a fast learning of the language because they are focused on the specific necessities of the student, always adapted to their own specific level.

The student learns the 4 skills or abilities:

1. Oral expression: Speaking
2. Written expression: Writing
3. Oral comprehension: Listening
4. Written comprehension: Reading

All these abilities are necessary to communicate accurately.

These courses are offered in two modalities:

At the Teacher’s House:
• Living and studying in the house of a qualified teacher allows to obtain fast progress due to the constant practice of the language in the family bosom.
• This modality is mainly directed to residents outside Barcelona.
• Older than 18 years old.

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