Intensivo principiantes

Intensivo principiantes

Centre d'Estudis de l'Anglès

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Curso intensivo de inglés para principiantes. En 2 meses durante el verano puedes hacer el equivalente a un curso de invierno de 9 meses.
Aprovéchalo. Grupos reducidos. Profesores titulados.

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Unit 1- Am/is/are. My/your. This is....How are you? What's this in English? Numbers 1-10. Plurals.

Unit 2- Countries. Where are you from? He/she/they. His/her. Numbers 11-30.

Unit 3- Jobs. Am/are/is- negatives and questions. Address, phone number- Social expressions.

Unit 4- Our/their. Possessive's. Family relations. Has/have. The alphabet. On the phone.

Unit 5- Sports, fook and drinks. Present simple-I/you/they. A/an. Languages and nationalities.

Unit 6- The time. Present simple-he/she/it. Ussually/sometimes/never. Questions and negatives. Words that go together. Days of the week.

Unit 7- Question words. It/them. This/that. Adjectives. Can I...?

Unit 8- Rooms and furniture. There is/are. Any. Prepositions. Directions.

Unit 9- Saying years. Was/were born. Past simple-irregular verbs. When's your birthday?

Unit 10- Past simple-regular and irregular verbs. Questions and negatives. Sports and leisure. Filling in forms.

Unit 11- Can/can't. Requests and offers. Verbs and nouns that go together. What's the problem?

Unit 12- Want and would like. Food and drink. In a restaurant. Going shopping.

Unit 13- Colours and clothes. Present continuous. Questions and negatives. What's the matter?

Unit 14- Present continuous for future.Question word revision. Travel and transport. Going sightseeing.

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