The International Manager

The International Manager

London Training for Excellence

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London (Inglaterra)

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Duración : 5 Días

This programme enables delegates to enhance their international management skills. Delegates will learn how to manage effectively across cultures and leverage communication and work style differences.




Participants attending this program will be able to:

Work more effectively with international colleagues.

Adapt your communication, leadership and management styles to recognise cultural diversity.

Improve the effectiveness of your international communications.

Develop flexibility in your management style to address cultural differences.

Communicate and manage effectively in an international environment.

Identify how to manage a virtual/remote team.

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Professionals with international management responsibilities. The programme is aimed at developing the knowledge and skills required to work and manage effectively in an international environment.

Temario completo de este curso

The Differences of Working in an International Business Environment The challenges of working internationally Diversity devolved power and dispersed people - how to turn these challenges into advantages How to work effectively with increased levels of complexity Cultural Diversity How does national culture affect different working styles? Different values in different cultures Methods of working across cultures: perception of time structure and planning Understanding the impact of diversity and harnessing its strengths Effective International Communication International communication Criteria for evaluating differences in communication styles Exploring different meeting styles Developing relationships and cooperation International Leadership Identifying the link between leadership style and national culture: different sources of respect and power Understanding the impact of culture on management styles and practices Leadership styles and approaches for the international manager Matrix management approaches Managing Performance in an International Context Motivating your staff: identifying values and managing expectations Managing and assessing performance How to give feedback in a culturally diverse environment Coping with conflict and finding a resolution across cultures Cross-cultural negotiations: understanding priorities and adapting your negotiation style Leading Virtual Teams Facilitating communication between different locations and time zones Communicating with your team: best use of technologies and modes of communication Becoming an effective remote manager: top tips Personal Development Preparing a personal action plan to support your return to the workplace
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