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Preparación first - Cambridge

Preparación first - Cambridge

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FCE goza de gran reconocimiento tanto en el ámbito de la empresa y la industria como en muchas instituciones académicas.

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Fecha inicio



El objetivo de este curso consistirá en una preparación exhaustiva de las cinco partes de las que consta el examen.

El FCE de Cambridge ESOL es un examen de nivel intermedio superior para estudiantes de inglés.

Temario completo de este curso

Programa del Curso:
1.What’s on - Revision of simple tenses (Present Perfect simple and continuous).
2.Worth the risk – Making comparisons and articles.
3.Fact or fiction – Like, as, if/though – Adverbs and narrative tenses.
4.Food for thought – Countable and Uncountable nouns. Future forms.
5.Material world – Indirect Speech and reporting verbs.
6.It’s your call – Certainty and possibility/ Passives I.
7.Back to the future – Relative Clauses and Conditionals I.
8.We are family – Gerunds and infinitives. Expressing hypothetical meanings.
9.A new look – Present and past habit. Participle clauses.
10.Use your brain – Obligation, necessity and permission. It is/There is – get/got.
11.Hard at work – Ability and possibility – Conditionals II.
12.Strange but true – Passives II have/get something done.
13.Natural wonders – so, such, too, enough and emphasis with what.
14.Getting there – Ways of giving advice.

Entertainment/food/body and health/shopping and leisure/fashion/education/employment/numbers and money/crime and punishment/animals/natural world/hopes and ambitions/ holidays and travel.

Informal emails and letters
Semi-formal letters or emails.
Letter of application, etc.

Focus on Reading (Multiple matching/Multiple-choice questions/Gapped texts).

Listening (extracts/sentence completion/Multiple choice questions and multiple matching exercises)

Speaking (Introduction/long turn/collaborative task/discussion practice).

Different completed test exam for practice.

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