Purchasing and Suppliers Management

Purchasing and Suppliers Management

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London (Inglaterra)

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Duración : 5 Días

"A five day intensive program aimed at developing / strengthening the understanding of the crucial role-played by the supplier in delivering customer satisfaction through an effective supply chain. Participants will learn how to evaluate the performance of both potential and current suppliers. Asses the factors that comprise and effective tender and conduct effective negotiations that bring long term value to the organization.

The key highlights of the seminar are:




Supplier Management.

Measuring Performance.



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" Purchasing professionals. Those involved in defining the specification and evaluating supplier performance. Those involved in preparing and analyzing bids. Those with an involvement in supplier relationships. Those whose role involves negotiation with outside agencies. "

Temario completo de este curso

What is the Role of Purchasing in the Company? o Introduction to Purchasing and its contribution to the organization. o What is the purpose of a business? o Dealing with the problem of being a “ go between “. o Purchasing process and cycle of procurement. o Positioning purchasing within the company. o Vision Mission and Value of Purchasing. o Purchasing Structure. o Where to find performance improvement. Developing the Purchasing Strategy: o How to reach the internal customer. o Developing Purchase agreements. o Importance of being involved in creating the specification. o Supplier selection methodology. o Criteria for pre qualifying suppliers. o Integrating the supplier selection process. o Positioning your need and you value against the market. o The role of ISO 9000. Selecting the Right Supplier & Evaluating Performance: o Conditioning the supplier to meet your requirement. o The total cost approach to purchasing. o Analyzing Cost. o Analyzing Value. o Hidden costs. o Life cycle costing. o Using Price indices. o Performance evaluation. Tendering and Analyzing the Bid: o Process needs. o Types of tender. o Electronic commerce / E Auctions. o Evaluating a bid objectively. o Terms and Conditions of contract. o Standard contract clauses. o Methods of Payment. o Expediting the agreement. o What if the contract fails to deliver legal issues. Negotiating the Contract and Preparing a Plan of Improvement Action for Purchasing: o Defining negotiation. o Obstacles to effective negotiation. o Different styles of negotiation. o The tools of the process. o Phases of a negotiation. o What to do and what not to do. o Focus on four key areas of world-class performance. o Evaluating performance gaps.
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