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This course is provided with full board accommodation in a host family.

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These Intensive and Super Intensive Spanish courses are suitable for people of any age who require general language skills and wish to learn Spanish as quickly as possible.

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-Accommodation: This course package provides full board accommodation with a host family and this is included in the price. Staying with a host family will accelerate your Spanish language learning as you will have plenty of opportunities to speak Spanish with your hosts after school. -Specific language goals: ·Develop confidence, fluency and accuracy in expressing ideas in Spanish and on functioning appropriately in a range of social situations. ·Discussions on a range of topics. ·Talking about yourself: achievements; recent activities; likes, dislikes and preferences. ·Developing language and strategies for managing conversations in Spanish, including: expressing opinions; agreeing and disagreeing. ·Giving presentations. ·Pronunciation work: stress, rhythm, weak forms. ·Developing the ability to understand taped conversations and speeches in Spanish. ·Vocabulary development on a range of topics. ·Grammar correction and extension, including present perfect, noun phrases, articles, quantifiers. -Study Programme: ·Grammar to develop the ability to write accurately in a range of styles and registers. ·Oral practice sessions to encourage the expression of ideas and opinions, incorporating new vocabulary and idioms as well as manipulating sophisticated and more complex language structures. ·Developing reading comprehension skills by using variety of written texts including newspaper and journal articles and literary texts. ·Listening exercises to enable students to sharpen their comprehension skills improve their pronunciation and increase their ability to think in the language. -Place: School. In brief, the booking fees include: ·The chosen course. ·1 HOUR lesson, NOT 45 min. ·Course material. ·Full BOARD Accommodation with a host family. ·Internet connection. ·Certificates and diplomas.

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