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Strategic Management of Information Systems

Strategic Management of Information Systems

London Business Training & Consulting

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London (Inglaterra)

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Duración : 1 Semana

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to understand:

The Information Systems Strategy Triangle framework for alignment of IS and the business.

A framework for understanding the four components of IS architecture: hardware, software, networks, and data.

The business of IT.

IS organisation, funding models, portfolios, and monitoring options.

The governance of IS resources.

Business intelligence, knowledge management, and analytics and an overview of how companies manage knowledge using business analytics.

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This BIS training is suitable for: Managers who wish to participate in information systems (IS) decisions; current and future managers who wish to be introduced to the broader implications of the impact of IS; contemporary managers who need to know about their organisation’s capabilities and uses of information.

Temario completo de este curso

Linking Systems to Strategy and the Organisation
  • Brief overview of business strategy frameworks
  • Brief overview of organisational strategies
  • Social business lens: building a social business strategy
  • Brief overview of information systems strategy
Information Systems Strategy: Architecture and Infrastructure
  • From vision to implementation
  • Architectural principles
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Virtualisation and cloud computing
  • Social business lens: building social-mobile applications
Cost Recovery of Information Systems
  • Organising to respond to business demand: a maturity model
  • What a manager can expect from the IT organisation
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Social business lens: community management
  • Building a business case
  • IT portfolio management
  • Valuing IT investments
  • Monitoring IT investments
Governance of the Information Systems Organisation
  • IT governance
  • IT governance and security
  • Social business lens: the consumerisation of technology
  • Decision-making mechanisms
  • Governance frameworks for control decisions
Business Analytics and Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge management processes
  • Business intelligence
  • Components of business analytics
  • Big data
  • Social analytics
  • Social business lens: social graphs
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