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The Strategy Implementation Process

The Strategy Implementation Process

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London (Inglaterra)

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Duración : 3 Días

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to understand:

The process of implementation.

How tasks and objectives are set.

How resources are allocated.

How strategic planning is conducted and its influence on strategy.

How strategy is controlled.

The role of information processing and systems.

The main elements of green strategy and sustainability.

The additional elements involved in analysing the green strategy environment and in identifying sustainable resources and capabilities.

How purpose changes as green strategy and sustainability principles are adopted.

The implications of green strategy for knowledge, technology and innovation.

The impact of green strategy and sustainability on strategic options and choice.

Why people resist strategic change.

The main principles involved in strategic change.

How to devise a programme to manage change.

How strategic management is changing.

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Fecha inicio

Noviembre 2020

A quién va dirigido

This strategy workshop is suitable for: Heads of organisations, chief officers, chairpersons, board members and directors; Heads of departments, and senior managers & executives involved in the development of strategic management; those who wish to understand the basic concepts for identifying the future of their organisations with the new challenges and opportunities that may lead to substantial change; those who wish to consider not only the rational approach to strategic decision making, but also the creative aspects of such decisions; those who wish to grasp the major intended and emergent initiatives that can be taken, involving the utilisation of resources, to enhance the performance of their firms in their external environments.

Temario completo de este curso

Implementing and Controlling the Strategic Plan
  • The nature and limitations of the implementation process
  • Objectives, task setting and communicating the strategy
  • Resource allocation
  • Information, monitoring and control
  • The Balance Scorecard: the contribution of Kaplan and Norton
  • Prescriptive strategy planning
Green Strategy and Sustainability
  • Green strategy and sustainability: the main topics
  • Green strategy: environmental analysis
  • Green strategy: analysing resources
  • Green strategy: stakeholders and organisational purpose
  • Green strategy: knowledge, technology and innovation
  • Green strategy: strategic options and choice
  • Implementing green strategies
Managing Strategic Change
  • The basic concept of strategic change
  • Analysing the causes of strategic change
  • Prescriptive approaches to managing strategic change
  • Emergent approaches to managing change
  • Developing a strategic change programme
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