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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

London Business Training & Consulting

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London (Inglaterra)


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to understand:

The strategic importance of good supply chain design, planning and operation for every firm.

How good supply chain management can be a competitive advantage, whereas weaknesses in the supply chain can hurt the performance of a firm.

Facilities, inventory, transportation, information, sourcing, and pricing as the key drivers of supply chain performance, and how these drivers may be used on conceptual and practical levels during supply chain design, planning, and operation to improve performance.

Analytic methodologies for supply chain analysis, the managerial context in which these methodologies are used, and the managerial levers for improvement that they support.

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Fecha inicio

Enero 2020

A quién va dirigido

Chief operations officers; supply chain and operations directors, managers, executives, officers and staff; professional managers in trade and industry, active in logistics or supply chain management, who are interested in opportunities for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the logistics and supply function of their organisations; those who are interested in logistics and supply chain management in its broadest sense.

Temario completo de este curso

Building a Strategic Framework to Analyse Supply Chains
  • Understanding the supply chain
  • Supply chain performance: achieving strategic fit and scope
  • Supply chain drivers and metrics
Designing the Supply Chain Network
  • Designing distribution networks
  • Network design in the supply chain
  • Designing global supply chain networks
Planning and Coordinating Demand and Supply in a Supply Chain
  • Demand forecasting in a supply chain
  • Aggregate planning in a supply chain
  • Sales and operations planning: planning supply and demand in a supply chain
  • Coordination in a supply chain
Planning and Managing Inventories in a Supply Chain
  • Managing economies of scale in a supply chain: cycle inventory
  • Managing uncertainty in a supply chain: safety inventory
  • Determining the optimal level of product availability
Managing Cross-Functional Drivers in a Supply Chain
  • Sourcing decisions in a supply chain
  • Pricing and revenue management in a supply chain
  • Sustainability and the supply chain
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