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Nivel de inglés muy alto que le permitirá desenvolverse sin ningún problema con cualquier persona de habla inglesa y en situaciones que requieran un inglés más formal y totalmente fluido.


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• English for adults.
A high level of English which let you to manage yourself without any problem with any people of English spoken language and in situations which require a very formal an totally fluent English. It is advised for those one who have a daily contact with the English language, both at work or travelling, or for those ones who simply want to have the personal satisfaction to speak a language perfectly

o Dictionary use
o Discusion and debate
o Peace pilgrim
o Women adventures
o Telephoning
o Formal letters
o Colds & flu
o Depression
o Job Hunting 1
o Job Hunting 2
o Dolphin therapy
o Animal rights
o Three men in a boat
o The Brontë sisters
o Public speaking
o Colloquial english
o Feng Shui
o The moon's influence
o A guide to the Sheychelles
o An international language
o Alternative schools
o Happy families
o The food of the gods
o Instructions
o The first Americans
o Diversity... is the spice of life
o What's on the box?
o Tarzan of the apes
o Travelling in space
o Natural disasters
o Sleep and dreams
o You're as old as you feel
o Advertising 1
o Advertising 2
o Learning to write
o Stories form over the world
o Great minds
o Twentieth century breakthrougs
o Choosing your pet
o Magical and mythical beast
o Here is the news...
o Social trends
o In the beginning...
o The end of the World
o Travel broadens the mind
o Quiz

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