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- Providing the capacity to develop the most relevant managerial skills continuously. - Providing an integrated, comprehensive view of general management and the role of the company in its wider environment. Knowing the global nature of business activities, differentiating responsibilities carried out by every department in the company. - Giving participants a broad overview of the company, a view of a complex system in a constantly changing reality. - Promoting an attitude of initiative and active management. - Acquiring key knowledge and developing essential skills to strategically manage the business. - Designing innovative strategies and policies that improve business management and business efficiency. - Developing and implementing strategies for growth, adapting to the changing international business environment. - Fostering teamwork and involving all departments of a company in the management of business projects. - Providing participants with solid business training, stressing the latest trends and developments of business management. - Encouraging the development and improvement of personal and managerial skills. - Increasing the ability of managers to make decisions in an increasingly complex and more unstable environment. - Promoting the ability to detect, analyse and solve problems, encouraging entrepreneurship by drawing up a business plan.


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Temario completo de este curso

Analytical principles
  • Global Economic Environment
  • Organisational Design
  • Financial Diagnosis
  • Marketing: from Idea to the Market

Strategic concept
  • Strategic Management and Innovation
  • Corporate Financial Management
  • Internationalisation Strategies and Global Marketing
  • People and Talent Management
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • E-Business Strategies

  • Information Systems and Business Intelligence
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Cross-Cultural Management
  • Management Planning and Control
  • Commercial Direction and Sales Management
  • Investment Valuation and Portfolio Management
  • Money and Capital markets

Development of Management Skills
  • Leadership and Change Management
  • Negotiation and Conflict Management
  • Entrepreneurship

Final Master's Project
  • Developing Strategic Plans
  • Business Plan/Business Game

Doing Business
  • The Doing Business workshops cover specific aspects of how to do business and providing services in several regions worldwide. They will focus on the economic and cultural peculiarities of each society, their cultures and subcultures and their influence on trade relations. The workshops will also cover issues related to business protocols and etiquette, as well as discuss how to do business in those regions.
  • Specific topics covered are regional trading blocs, the advantages and challenges of doing business in such countries, guidance for investors and entrepreneurs, case studies, etc. The workshops will be conducted in Spanish or English.

Meetings with Managers
  • Above and beyond the case studies for each of the subjects, and the experience of teachers, professionals and actual top-level managers, webinar meetings with top-level managers will be held throughout the programme. Via this platform the speakers share their entrepreneurial experience on innovation, change management and internationalisation. So far we have organised these meetings with directors of IBM, Google, Privalia, Interbrand, Warner Park and Inditex, among others. Merging business reality with a training environment, constantly reflecting on possibilities for improvement, results
  • in the best situation for students and speakers. This is learning from experience with the added challenge of transforming and improving the same experience.

The Programme is divided into four stages, which provide knowledge and skills for the different departments of a company. The stages match the strategic business creation process: the design of the strategy, implementation, growth strategies and strategic monitoring and control.This programme will guide the participant through the different departments of a company, learning about the responsibilities of each area, the key concepts needed to direct them, all without neglecting the general vision for the company.Thanks to the Executive MBA, students will learn managerial skills within one year, and will also obtain the most current, practical and innovative business skills to lead a department or company.Once the participant has been guided through all the departments of a company, the journey will end with the Final Project, which begins after completing the first third of the programme. It runs parallel to studying in the programme and is defended a month after completing the final subject, in order for students to have a period of time dedicated to it. The Final Project will combine and use all the knowledge learned in a given situation (company, department, division, international activity or development of a new business project).
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