Meetings in english

Meetings in english


Curso subvencionado presencial

Beasain (Guipúzcoa)


Duración : 20 Días

Conocer la estructura básica de una reunión

Ser capaz de aplicar distintas técnicas para conectar con los asistentes a la reunión

Ser capaz de hacer intervenciones de manera adecuada en una reunión, presentando tus puntos de vista sobre el tema.

Ser capaz de responder a las preguntas, propuestas u ofertas que surjan.

Finalizar la reunión de manera adecuada y agradeciendo su asistencia a los presentes.

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Temario completo de este curso

Could we meet next week?

Topics and skills: Arranging a meeting: using first names, Confirming a meeting by email: Apologizing for changing a meeting time. Rescheduling a meeting: Getting emails right, general meeting vocabulary

Can we make a star now?

Topics and skills: Saying hello and making introductions: making small talk, writing formal and informal agendas. Starting a meeting, Starting the objectives: Chairing a meeting, introductions.

Can I make a point here?

Topics and skills: Reporting progress: Interrupting politely, explaining cause and effect: asking for clarification. Interrupting and dealing with interruptions: Giving your opinion

I’m not sure I agree

Topics and skills: Asking for comments and contributions, disagreement and criticism in different cultures. Expressing strong and tentative opinions: Diplomatic language, making positive suggestions. Agreeing and disagreeing, resolving conflicts.

It’s a deal

Topics and skills: Responding to offers: reaching agreement. Buying time: Talking about possibilities. Taking a vote: Controlling the timing of a meeting. Summarizing the results of a meeting: Intercultural communication

So, I think we’re finished for today

Topics and skills: Ending a meeting and thanking participants: talking about plans, formal and informal minutes. Confirming decisions and action points: Mixing business and pleasure. Follow-up emails, saying goodbye.

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