Insurance Law (Theory and Applications)

Insurance Law (Theory and Applications)

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London (Inglaterra)


Duración : 5 Días

This course is designed to introduce participants to the general principles of insurance law this will include an overview of a range of topics which comprise the subject of insurance law including insurable interest the principle of utmost good faith the law of misrepresentation breach of warranty non-disclosure of material facts the indemnity and proximate cause principles subrogation the duties and liabilities of insurance intermediaries brokers and agents.This course is aimed at those who have studied insurance law previously in their home jurisdiction. However given that students taking the course will come from different legal systems and will have different legal experiences the course will be taught at an intermediate level. It is recognized that the discussions in class concerning insurance law generally are enlivened by the experience of lawyers from many jurisdictions.

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A quién va dirigido

All business professionals and educators interested in the field of insurance lawInsurance fraud investigators.Bank examiners.Attorneys.Private investigators.Internal auditors.

Temario completo de este curso

The Role of Insurance and Types of Insurance.
  • Introduction to insurance law.
  • What is Insurance?
  • How does insurance operate?
  • The role of insurance.
  • Types of insurance.
  • Insurable interest. Loss. An insurance contract. Insurance terminology.
  • The areas of insurance law
  • The areas of insurance law within this broader framework.
  • Some major insurance law issues and debates.
  • Reading and critical analysis to evaluate the work of insurance.
  • A basic grounding in research skills and techniques in insurance law: Brain storming discussions.
  • Exercises and case studies.
  • Closing sessions…and goodbye
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