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Sales Presentation and Negotiation

Sales Presentation and Negotiation

London Training for Excellence

Curso subvencionado para desempleados presencial

London (Inglaterra)


Duración : 5 Días

If you are looking for a complete training in sales, then this Sales Presentation and Negotiation course, organized by London Training for Excellence and listed at Lectiva.com.co.uk is the right choice for you.

Knowing how to present a product or how to negotiate on a sale are two key factors in making a sale. An effective sales presentation encourages the prospective customers to develop interest in the products or services which is offered to them and thus, influencing the purchasing decision. Negotiation, as well, plays a vital role in the complete sales process.

For some salesmen, a sales opportunity ends as soon as the targeted customer refuses to buy his product or service, but an efficient and a skilled sales professional known better than to get disappointed at this stage. This is when he can put his negotiation skills to use and make the sale even after being refused initially. This course in Sales Presentation and Negotiation focuses on providing you with a detailed know-how of how the sales presentation and negotiation process works and how you can implement them to emerge as an effective salesperson.

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Temario completo de este curso

Overview of Sales Presentation
  • Definition of sales
  • Understand the meaning of Sales Presentation
  • Identify the objectives of an effective sales presentation
  • Identify the various purposes of a sales presentation
Methods of Sales Presentation
  • Identify the various methods of sales presentation – Memorized, Formula, Needs – Satisfaction, and Problem – Solution
  • Understanding Memorized Sales Presentation Method
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Memorized Sales Presentation Method
  • Understanding the Formula Presentation Method
  • Understanding the Formula Sales Presentation Method’s Approach
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the Formula Presentation Method
  • Understanding the Needs – Satisfaction Presentation Method
  • Advantages and drawbacks of the Needs – Satisfaction Presentation Method
  • Understanding the Problem – Solution Presentation Method
  • Identifying the various steps in Problem – Solution Presentation Method
Sales Presentation Strategy
  • Understanding Sales Approach and its objective
  • Understanding the various types of sales approach – Telephonic, Social Contact, Business Contact
  • Guidelines to use telephonic approach effectively
  • Guidelines to use social contact effectively
  • Understanding the Business Contact method and its different approaches – Product Demonstration, Referral, Customer Benefit, Questioning, Survey,
  • Selecting a presentation method according to your customer
  • Various ways of product explanation and demonstration – verbal, pamphlets and flyers, PowerPoint presentations, and other such aids
  • Difference between selling to an existing client or a prospect customer
  • Identifying the difference between the actual decision-making customer and other customers (family member, business partner, spouse, parents, etc.)
Sales Presentation Mix
  • Understanding the various elements of a Sales Presentation Mix – Persuasive Communication, Participation, Proof, Visual Aids, Dramatization, and Demonstration
  • What is Persuasive Communication and what are the factors to develop persuasive communication?
  • Different ways to motivate a prospective customer to participate in the sales presentation – Asking questions, explaining utility of the product(s) or service (s), presenting visuals, and using demonstrations
  • Using proof statements to gain customer confidence – past sales record for the salesperson, realistic expectation setting, customer testimonials, and company records.
  • Understanding the reasons and advantages of Visual Presentation
  • Guidelines for using visual aids
  • Understanding the benefits of using Dramatization
  • Understanding the reasons and advantages of Demonstration, and guidelines for using it as a sales tool
Understanding Negotiation
  • What is Negotiation?
  • What is the need to negotiate?
  • Understanding the various prerequisites of negotiating
  • Types of Negotiation – Distributive and Integrative
  • Difference between Distributive negotiation and Integrative negotiation
  • Understanding the negotiation process – Preparation, Sharing of Information, Bargaining (negotiation), and finalizing the sale
  • Basic principles to any type of negotiation
  • Characteristics of an effective and efficient negotiator
Negotiation strategies
  • What is BATNA?
  • How to use BATNA as a skill to negotiate and where?
  • Common issues in Negotiation
  • Importance of BATNA
  • Understanding your Negotiation style and improving it
  • Skills and guidelines for better negotiation
  • How to handle difficult negotiators
  • How to handle emotions and knowing your “hot” buttons
  • Understanding various styles of negotiation – Competitive, Collaborative, Compromising, Avoiding, and Accommodating
  • What is ZOPA?
  • Three types of behaviour which a sales person can display or face during a negotiation process – Red, Blue, and Purple.

Case study and SWOT analysis
In this session, the training facilitator provides case studies and explains sales negotiation and presentation via SWOT analysis of the various case studies.
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