Athletic Training and Therapy

Athletic Training and Therapy

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Master in Athletic Training and Therapy*

The Master in Athletic Training and Therapy program seeks to provide students with a High-quality education, a social understanding, and personal development, implementing and innovative and international program based on the self-motivation and empathy of the student with athletes and their environment.

International training to prepare students to certified as Athletic Trainer in North America and Europe.

Learn the latest techniques used in United States in physical therapy for sports.

International work experience: In the first year you will carry out work experience at professional, university and school teams. In the second year, you will go on a three month stage at an American university, where you will attend class and carry out clinical immersion.

The master’s course allows you to take the Certified Athletic Trainer exam.

Learn with the best professionals: Fernando Reyes Gil, with 17 years experience at Real Madrid CF and Sergio Toba Domínguez, physiotherapist for different NBA players.

*This Master Degree is on accreditation process

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Fecha inicio

Octubre 2019

Temario completo de este curso

  • Promote academic excellence
    • UCJC connects social sciences, natural sciences, and research, through a multidisciplinary approach to knowledge. This program addresses the need of understanding health and life in all of its dimensions and facets.
  • Encourage social commitment
        • To listen in order to be able to understand and thus express themselves in an efficient way.
        • To connect with the athlete and multidisciplinary team to understand and focus on the individual.
        • Scholars from diverse backgrounds and seniority will join an intellectual force to present and share innovative findings, best practices, case studies, comparative analysis, and cross-national approaches that unite sports with science.
        • To understand their own identity. Consider where they were, are, and will be… where do they want to go?.
        • To develop the capacity of lifelong learning and constant improvement in both their academic knowledge as well as their behavior in their social environment.
        • To promote the search for motivation through the identification of the value and importance of the knowledge. To set the expectations of the present and future to create their own profile.
        • To transmit the honesty of our daily work to the athlete and society. Empathize with the athlete and the multidisciplinary team.
        • To transmit the need to thirst for knowledge and extrapolate it to improve the development of our clinic.
      • INNOVATE
        • Unify three potential qualities: autonomy + motivation + reflection. These qualities will form innovative students, capable of leading and undertaking new scientific or business projects.
        • Create professionals capable of constructive criticism. Knowledge is acquired; with intellectual curiosity we advance; and with reflection and investigation science contributions are made.
        • Enhance the skills and strengths of the student as well as their confidence in their abilities.
        • Portray limitations/difficulties as learning opportunities.
        • Learn to view events optimistically.
        • Promote the search for help in necessary situations.
      • AUTONOMY
        • Guide the student to become academically and professionally self-sufficient.
  • Enrich personal growth

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