Global MBA in Digital Business

Global MBA in Digital Business

Zigurat Global Institute of Technology

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Duración : 1 Año

The Global MBA in Digital Business has been designed for professionals who want to foster their technological and decision-making skills and add a differential value to increase their competitiveness in the global market.

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The fundamental goal of the Global MBA in Digital Business is to guide you on how to redefine the way your organization performance through digitalization. We will focus on how digital transformation will have a positive impact across all levels and departments. By completing the program, participants will have a better understanding of innovative methodology and how digital tools can improve the strategies and processes of a business. The final project is focused on a full Digital Transformation of an existing company.

A quién va dirigido

· Executives and professionals working or pursuing a career with various backgrounds, looking to further develop a career or start a business. · Businesses that are keen to explore other models by adopting new methodologies. · Consultants, looking to further develop the value of their guidance by understanding different methodologies and applying innovative approaches to a project.

Temario completo de este curso

Understanding Digital Foundations

How to gain competitiveness through digital solutions
  • M1. Today’s Competitiveness Models
  • M2. Purely Digital Business Model

Customer Centricity & Loyalty

How to adapt your company to current customers and attract new ones
  • M3. Omnichannel marketing and sales models
  • M4. Digital maturity level: Re-defining your VISION
  • M5. Basic people skills and competences
  • M6. Management and innovation models

Transformation of the Value Chain
Digital Strategies: Doing operations the right way

  • M7. Purchasing
  • M8. Logistics
  • M9. Production
  • M10. Distribution
  • M11. Marketing
  • M12. FICO
  • M13. Information Technology (IT)
  • M14. Human Resources

Innovation Accelerators
How to add digital value to your company

  • M15. Cybersecurity and Digital Business Security
  • M16. Digital business enablers (IoT, BlockChain, BigData, Predictive, AI)
  • M17. Artificial intelligence (machine learning, Object recognition..)
  • M18. Predictive models and advanced data analysis
  • M19. Collaborative models
  • M20. Impact of electrification and sustainable consumption
  • M21. Industry 4.0
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