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Bachelor in International Relations

Bachelor in International Relations


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Duración : 4 Años

In the International Relations Bachelor's program at UNIE, you are offered an unparalleled opportunity to explore the complexities of an increasingly globalized world through a curriculum designed to enhance your understanding and analytical skills. This comprehensive education covers global politics, international law, economics, and diplomacy, preparing you to navigate and influence the dynamic landscape of international affairs. Importantly, the program is accessible in two linguistic tracks: entirely in English or in a blend of Spanish with progressive English integration, catering to a wide range of linguistic competencies and ensuring a global perspective.

The degree goes beyond traditional boundaries by allowing you to specialize in areas such as Law and Economics, Foreign Policy, International Security, or Big Data analytics. This flexibility lets you tailor your education to align with your career aspirations, equipping you with the specialized skills needed in today’s data-driven decision-making processes. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, the program aims to prepare you for a successful career across various sectors, including governmental agencies, international organizations, NGOs, or the corporate world.

With its blend of comprehensive coursework, specialization options, and flexible language tracks, the International Relations Bachelor's program at UNIE lays the groundwork for a dynamic and impactful career in global affairs. You'll emerge as a well-rounded graduate, ready to address international challenges and seize opportunities with informed decisions and strategic insights, all while being proficient in the language of your choice.

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Fecha inicio

Septiembre 2024

Temario completo de este curso

First year

  • Theories, concepts and debates of International Relations

  • Introduction to Law

  • Modern world history

  • Historical Evolution of Political Ideas

  • Sociology

  • Historical perspective of IR

  • English for International Relations and Business

  • Contemporary Global Politics

  • Fundamentals of Economics

  • Comparative Political Systems

Second Year

  • Research methods and techniques in IR and Big Data

  • International Political Economy

  • Public International Law

  • EU institutions and policies

  • Foreign Policy analisis and diplomacy

  • EU Law

  • International Organizations

  • World Geopolitics

  • Communication Skills in IR and the Company

  • Foreign Policy of Spain

Third year

  • International Public Opinion and Communication

  • International Security

  • UN and Human Rights

  • Religion in International Relations

  • Elective 1

  • Public Diplomacy and Country Branding

  • Innovation in the International Business Environment

  • Regional Studies: Asia

  • Elective 2

  • Elective 3

Fouth year

  • Regional Studies: Africa

  • Elective 4

  • Regional Studies: United States

  • Elective 5

  • Elective 6

  • Regional Studies: Latin America

  • Elective 7

  • Elective 8

  • External academic internships

  • Thesis Project

Specialisation in Law and International Economics Mantenimiento y Evolución del Software

  • Diplomatic and Consular Law

  • Competition Law

  • International Trade and Markets

  • International Trade Law

  • Sustainable Management

  • Global Economic Environment and Negotiation

  • Creation and management of companies in the international environment

  • International Strategic Management

Specialisation in Foreign Policy

  • Middle East and the Maghreb

  • EU Foreign Policy

  • The Rise of China and its Foreign Policy

  • Post-Soviet Space

  • Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance

  • International Migration and Globalisation

  • Current International Affairs Observatory

  • International Protocol

Specialisation in International Security

  • Security and Defense in Europe

  • International Cybersecurity

  • Energy, Climate Change and Security

  • International Terrorism and Organised Crime

  • Management and resolution of international conflicts

  • International Humanitarian Law

  • International Information and Conflicts

  • Intelligence and International Security

Additional Electives

  • Leadership and Team Management

  • Second Language: French por International Relations and Business

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