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Graphic Design - Bachelor's degree

Graphic Design - Bachelor's degree

Vistula University

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Ursynów (Polonia)

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Duración : 3 Años

Are you interested in art, and have talent that you want to develop? If your answer is yes, then the Graphic Design programme at the European Faculty of Art of Vistula University is ideal for you! Join our Bachelor’s Graphic Design programme, and develop your skills.

Studying at our university, you will gain practical knowledge, which will allow you to become a graphic designer in the advertisement industry, or develop your talents in various artistic projects. Here at the European Faculty of Art of Vistula University, we follow and take active part in the digital revolution, and this is why we emphasise combining traditional artistic techniques with modern digital and photographic technologies.

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The Graphic Design programme has been designed to best prepare you for an artistic career, in the workplace location you want. A practical approach, combined with the opportunity to gain a vast array of skills, allows you to develop in the direction you choose, and make better decisions regarding your future.

A quién va dirigido

Graduating with a degree in Graphic Design will open the doors to a career in many interesting places. You will be able to develop, professionally, in places such as: Museums, Art galleries, Publishing houses, Cultural institutions, Advertising and marketing agencies.


If you want to apply for the Graphic Design programme, you must meet the following requirements: Be a holder of a certificate of secondary education. Present a portfolio of works to confirm your basic artistic competency. Be assessed positively by the qualifying committee, based on the portfolio submitted.

Temario completo de este curso

Graphic Design (Bachelor’s level) emphasises practical skills and using artistic techniques. The studies have been designed to help you develop five professional skills (graphics designer, multimedia computer graphics designer, DTP operator, photographer, and illustrator).

The programme will enable you to learn and develop your competencies and skills useful in all kinds of arts- and design-related professions. In addition to that, the programme prepares every graduate for advanced work in design, advertisement, graphics, computer-generated graphics, DTP, illustration and photography.

If, for example, you aspire to being a computer graphics designer, then Graphic Design at the European Faculty of Art of Vistula University is certainly for you!

Internships and open-air painting workshops are an integral part of studying Graphic Design, designed to help you apply theoretical knowledge in practice. The Bachelor’s programme includes three months of internships and two weeks of openair painting and drawing workshops.

At Vistula University, practical applications of taught material come first. The curriculum is where this is made manifest, and so 70% of the classes are practical. This means that we focus on teaching useful skills, which enable students to use artistic techniques in a deliberate, conscious way.

  • Basics of artistic activities
  • Basics of history and theory of art
  • Basic of artistic graphic
  • Basic of photography
  • Basic of graphic design
  • Introduction to multimedia
  • History of Graphic
  • Basic of drawing
  • Techniques of convex printing: linocut, color linocut
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Basics of digital graphics
  • Foreign language -1
  • Sport and recreation
  • Techniques of communication and argumentation
  • Illustration -1
  • Drawing -1
  • Painting -1
  • Serigraphy
  • Typography - 1
  • Graphic design -1
  • Designing visual communication and advertising
  • Editing and processing of a digital image
  • Video creation - 1
  • Gravure printing techniques - dry needle, mezzotint, copper engraving
  • Gravure printing techniques - etching, aquatint
  • Multimedia - 1
  • Outdoor drawing-painting 1
  • Foreign language -2
  • Sport and recreation -2
  • History of art-2
  • Illustration-2
  • Drawing -2
  • Painting -2
  • Alternative graphic techniques
  • Typography - 2
  • Graphic design -2
  • Theory and estethic of photography
  • Video creation -2
  • Flat print– Litography
  • Gravure printing techniques: etching, aquatint
  • Animation - 1
  • Multimedia - 2
  • Algraphy
  • Animation - 2
  • Drawing - 3
  • Outdoor drawing-painting-2
  • Project of artistic book
  • Graphic design of event
  • Public edition project
  • Artistic poster, Occassional poster
  • Storyboards
  • Author`s portfolio
  • Illustration – professional project
  • Artistic graphic – professional project
  • Drawing & painting – professional project
  • Applied graphic – professional project
  • Multimedia – professional project
  • Creative design in graphics and photography – professional project
  • Graphic design – professional project
  • Experimental graphic – professional project
  • Basic of sculpture
  • History of art -3
  • History of contemporary art
  • Brand creation
  • Seminarium dyplomowe 1
  • Selfpresentation
  • W2- subject chosen
  • Professional practice
  • Laboratory of illustration – specialisation project
  • Laboratory of artistic graphic - specialisation project
  • Drawing and painting laboratory - specialisation project
  • Laboratory applied graphic - specialisation project
  • Illustrative graphic
  • Artistic graphic – experimental workshop
  • Laboratory of multuimedia – specialisation project
  • Laboratory of creative photography – specialisation project
  • Laboratory of design – specialisation project
  • Laboratory of experimental graphics - specialisation project
  • Multimedia project
  • Artistic experimental project
  • W3- subject chosen
  • Diploma laboratory
  • Implementation and defense of the diploma thesis
  • Diploma seminar
Specialisation – artistic graphic
  • Laboratory of illustration - 2 – specialisation project
  • Laboratory of artistic graphic - 2 - specialisation project
  • Drawing and painting workshop -2 - specialisation project
  • Laboratory applied graphic -2 - specialisation project
  • Laboratory of multuimedia - 2 – specialisation project
  • Laboratory of multuimedia - 2 – specialisation project
  • Laboratory of design - 2 – specialisation project
  • Laboratory of experimental graphics - 2 - specialisation project
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