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Bachelor of Arts with Honours Validated Programme in Interior Architecture & ...

Bachelor of Arts with Honours Validated Programme in Interior Architecture & Design

Marbella Design Academy - Costa del Sol s.l.

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Duración : 9 Meses

This three-year Bachelor of Arts with Honours Interior Architecture & Design validated programme is developed, delivered and assessed by Marbella Design Academy and validated by the University of Bedfordshire. When awarded your undergraduate BA (Hons) degree by the University of Bedfordshire, you can apply for a Master's degree at any university of your choice.

What an amazing vocation it is to be a professional Interior Architect. Projects are endless and you can open many different "doors" as a professional Interior Architect. Your creative expression is only limited by your own imagination. Our highly educated and professional tutors nurture our students to be individuals, to dare to think out of the box. Students are encouraged to solve their projects in innovative ways starting each new project brain-storming and doing their research. The student's creative expression is highly respected.

Marbella Design Academy´s BA (Hons) validated Interior Architecture & Design programme provides you with the highest calibre of education in the interior architecture/design industry. Our students are provided with plenty of personal one-to-one attention to help cultivate their interior architecture and design skills.

From the first year of study, you will have top-class training and gain experience using the latest technologies, such as AutoCAD, PhotoShop, Illustrator and Indesign. 3D Studio MAX is introduced in the second year of the programme. This training will further enhance your employability once you graduate. We teach our students to be self-confident and to present themselves and their projects professionally in front of an audience; skills that are essential when they present their future projects as professional Interior Architects.

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Fecha inicio

Septiembre 2020

Temario completo de este curso

INT41 – Fundamentals of Design (40 Credits)

· Fundamentals of Creative Design

· History of Art

· History of Interior Architecture I

· Fundamentals of Interior Design

· Basic Building Construction

INT42 – Communicating Design (30 Credits)

· Freehand Drawing

· Photoshop I

· AutoCAD I

· AutoCAD 3D

· Indesign I

INT43 – Design Projects (50 Credits)

· Group Project

· Project I

· Final Project and Portfolio

INT51 – Fundamentals of Design (10 Credits)

· History of Architecture and Environmental Influence

· Conceptual Principals of Interior Decoration

INT52 – Communicating Design (40 Credits)

· Freehand Drawing II

· Indesign II

· Photoshop II

· Photography

· AutoCAD II

· 3D Studio MAX II

INT53 – Construction Systems (20 Credits)

· Furniture Design

· Technology and Construction Systems

· Measuring, Quotation and Project Planning

INT54 – Design Projects (50 Credits)

· Group Project

· Project I

· Final Project and Portfolio

INT61 – Interior Architecture Practices (30 Credits)

· Project Management Theory

· History of Interior Architecture and Design

· 3D Studio MAX III

· Sustainability and Ethics

INT62 – Design Projects III (40 Credits)

· Rehabilitations and Reforms

· Project I

INT63 – Final Major Project (50 Credits)

· Work Experience & EVO (Educational Vocational Orientation)

· Final Major Project and Portfolio

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