Methods of Recruitment and Job Placement

Methods of Recruitment and Job Placement

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Duración : 5 Días

"By the end of the training program, each participant will be able to:

Recognize the complexities of recruitment and job placement process in today’s modern environment.

Be able to use the stages of recruitment and job placement, realize and the importance of each stage.

Know how to analyze a particular job and develop a job description and person specification to find the key tasks.

Apply and use a plan for selection short listing that will dramatically save time.

Be able to use the new skills as an effective and job placement specialist.

Be able to use other recruiting sources and job placement worth looking into.

Learn how to make recruitment an on-going process.


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This program is suitable for individuals who are involved in recruitment and job placement process or will choose a career in this direction. It will be of particular benefit to those who want to explore opportunities for improving their current recruitment and job placement process in their own organization as well as building upon their existing personal skills.

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Where does it all start: Identifying the Organization Needs? Forecasting the demand / Supply of Human Resources for your organization. Setting your Basic Hiring Strategy. Employee Classification. Strategic Staffing. Hiring: Think Process. The right people in the right place. Understanding Individual and Organizational Goals. Resourceful Recruitment Getting started. How to make recruitment an on-going process. The Recruitment Horizon: Looking at the options. Building Competency Models. The ABC's of Job Descriptions Person Specifications including identification of competency requirements. Screening and attraction of candidates How to attract the right people? How to write the right job advertisement. Using Recruiters. Back to School: Recruiting fresh graduates. Other recruiting sources worth looking into. Online Recruiting: Does it work? Job applications. Controlling the flow: Setting up a System for Screening. How to read between the lines in a resume. Testing: what works and what's legal. Job placement: Making the Final Decision Comparison of Candidate to the Job Requirement. Evaluating the Candidates. Selection Methods: You need a system. Screen out irrelevant factors. How to check References. Making the offer. Getting Permanent Benefit from Temporary Staffing. The Job Organizational and Location fit.
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