Modern Techniques in Office and Document Management

Modern Techniques in Office and Document Management

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Duración : 5 Días

"Learning Objectives:

Understand the key the concepts of document and records management.

Use the concepts of document and records management to deliver business drivers.

Link how document and records management can be implemented across your organisation.

Explore the implications of an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) strategy in conjunction with document and records management.

Understand document and records management life-cycle

Create a document and records management plan of action to implement in their organization.

Learn from best practice implementations and case studies.

Recognize the best ways and techniques of Document and records management strategies.

Realize the importance of defining and understanding your crucial role as a secretary or office manager.

Be able to plan, organize and prioritize effectively by using computer.

Use filing and archiving systems by using computer effectively.

Foster a productive and efficient office environment.

Organize and structure processes and procedures by using computer properly.

Better utilize and organize your time by using computer programs.

File and archive your electronic documents easily.

Use office management software effectively.


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"This program will be useful and productive for all those who are interested in understanding document and records management. It will be specifically of benefit to: Technical staff. Office Managers, Management Assistants, Senior Secretaries. Document and Records Management personnel. Document Management Supervisors. Solution Providers. Executives. Users of Document and Records Management. Personnel seeking to enhance their skills. "

Temario completo de este curso

Strategy and understanding key elements: Introducing document and records management. Business case and drivers. Creating business requirements. Managing information assets. Understanding the terminology. Document and records management strategies. Information governance. Concepts and set up components: Document and records lifecycle. Capture store and management. Preserve and archive. Presentation and delivery. Metadata and indexing. Classification schemes. Searching and retrieving. Controls and security. Legislation standards and regulation. Process and delivery: Information audit and survey. Business case. Business requirements. Business classification scheme. IT infrastructure details. Model office and rollout. The Art of Effective Planning and Organizing by using computer: How to plan a step-by-step framework for success. Documentation control ensuring you have the facts at your fingertips. Organizing and structuring processes and procedures. Problem solving and decision-making. Effective Communication written and spoken: Email communication. Meetings. Office management software. Filing and classification of files. Making presentations. Time management by using computer. Planning for meeting management by computer. E-meetings management. Case studies and exercises.
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