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Procurement - Core Concepts

Procurement - Core Concepts

London Business Training & Consulting

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London (Inglaterra)

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Duración : 1 Semana

In Lectiva.com platform you can now find the new course in Procurement!

This programme will teach you all the core concepts of procurement and how to manage procurement risk!

Furthermore, with this course you will be able to understand: the major tasks and responsibilities of purchasing along with the various roles in a buying decision-making unit.

Thanks to this course, you will increase your knowledge on the role and importance of the procurement function in the value chain and how to select and contract service providers!

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Professional managers in trade and industry, active in purchasing or supply chain management, who are interested in opportunities for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the procurement and supply function of their organisations; those who supervise procurement staff directly or indirectly; those who come from a non-procurement background and are interested in the latest developments in procurement; those who are interested in procurement and supply management in its broadest sense.

Temario completo de este curso

The Role of Procurement in the Value Chain
  • Importance of procurement to business
  • Classification of purchasing goods and equipment
  • New developments in procurement
  • E-procurement
The Purchasing Management Process
  • Primary tasks and responsibilities of the procurement function
  • Supporting the internal client
  • Professionalising purchasing by delivering value for money
  • How purchasing and supply management develops over time
Decision-making in Procurement
  • Creating the Statement of Requirement
  • Supplier sourcing
  • Supplier evaluation and award
  • Negotiation
Procurement Risk
  • Why risk management is key to procurement effectiveness
  • Typical supply chain risks
  • Assessing probability and analysing impact
  • Methods of managing procurement risk
  • The role for contracts as a risk management tool
Buying Business Services
  • Why buying services is different
  • Classification of services
  • Contract Management for the construction industry
  • Managing performance in service contracts
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