Consultative Sales

Consultative Sales


Curso para empresas a distancia

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Duración : 2 Días

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The primary objectives are to provide your sales professionals with a range of sales tools and techniques wrapped within the Eskil B2B Sales Canvas that allow them to adopt a confident consultative selling approach. By the end of this two-day training course, the participants will have: Tools to build rapport with others to a deeper level; developed active listening skills to ensure that they have all the information they need; Identified the right questions to progress the sale; Learnt to probe and para-phrase; Identified how to strengthen existing relationships as well as develop new ones; Sold the whole package that they offer and identified what they do differently to their competitors; Learnt to be the Sales Conductor, working with colleagues across the business to develop compelling sales solutions; Improved bid / no-bid

A quién va dirigido

Eskil's Consultative Selling course is ideal for those wishing to improve their sales skills and long term customer relationships when selling B2B. This has been delivered to all levels within a sales team as well as business / management consultants.

Temario completo de este curso

All of our workshops are based on 'dialogic facilitation' - our experienced Facilitators are former CEOs / Directors of $50m+ organisations or business & leadership experts.
All modules include hands-on exercises and open discussions as we facilitate peer-learning, help to build your internal networks and put everything explored into context.
  • Workbook
  • Exercise Book
  • Consultative Selling Slide Deck
  • Eskil B2B Sales Canvas


Welcome, Introductions, Objectives
Introducing Consultative Sales
  • What is selling? Beliefs about selling
  • Who are you selling to?
  • What do buyers want?
  • Qualifying the client
  • The consultative sales process
Defining The Opportunity
  • Mapping your target client
  • Understanding your offering
Starting & Building
  • Primary Networks
  • Secondary Networks and introductions
  • Scanning the horizon
  • Communications & Pyschology styles
  • Barriers to listening
  • Active Listening
  • Open Questions
  • Meta Questions
  • Summary & Paraphrase

  • Sponsors & Stakeholders in discussion

Recap, Focus : Refocus
  • Putting your consultative selling skills into practise
The Sales Canvas
  • Setting the headline
  • Sales Stakeholders
  • Managing Our Position
  • Reflective Thinking
Securing Client Commitment
  • The Win-Win
  • Client motivators
  • Actions & DRI
Pull It All Together
DAY THREE (Optional)Sales Emotional Intelligence
  • The 10 aspects of EI
  • The Application of EI in your Sales
  • Your personal EI Assessment & Feedback
  • 360-degree EI
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