English for the Pharmaceutical Industry

English for the Pharmaceutical Industry


Curso subvencionado presencial

Beasain (Guipúzcoa)


Duración : 16 Días

Adquirir conocimientos del proceso de creación de fármacos.

Ser capaces de cumplimentar la documentación reglamentaria durante el proceso de creación de fármacos.

Adquirir el vocabulario necesario para desarrollar la actividad en un laboratorio farmacéutico.

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Temario completo de este curso

The kick-off meeting

Topics and skills: Job profiles: professions, and departments, new drug development and launches,

Cultural differences in marketing drugs and medicine: providing information, introducing oneself, one´s field, and projects.

Summarizing action points, writing job ads.

Substance Discovery and product development.

Topics and skills: A new chemical entity (NCE), drug dosage forms, categories of drugs, asking about drug discovery and drug development, talking about time periods, asking for and giving opinions.

Quality assurance and auditing

Topics and skills: Good pharmaceutical Industry practice (GxP), quality assurance audits, laboratory safety systems. Standard operating procedures, informing, asking questions during an audit, suggesting corrective action, discussing SOPs.

Ready for testing in live organisms

Topics and skills: Preclinical testing, clinical testing, dealing with authorities, experimental drugs on trial, describing a process, getting information, making suggestions, linking ideas, requesting information and responding directly.

Drug safety and regulatory affairs.

Topics and skills: Pharmacovigilance, regulatory documentation, patient information, counterfeit medicines, reporting severe adverse events, discussing the causes of SAEs, asking about implications for a drug, giving general advice, giving strong warnings.

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