Media for Leaders

Media for Leaders


Curso subvencionado para desempleados presencial

Warwick (Inglaterra)


Duración : 1 Día

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Understand the needs of the news media; and Focus clearly on key messages and how to bring them alive; Experience hands-on press, radio and TV interviews; Cope with difficult questions; Speak with passion; and Improve communication skills

A quién va dirigido

Whilst this is open to anyone interested in learning, it is likely to have a greater impact on such people as: - CEOs / Managing Directors.  - Members of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).  - Members of the Senior Management Team identified for progression into the SLT.   - Individuals identified as 'future leaders'.   - Individuals seeking to build and accelerate their leadership capabilities.


Examples of public communications (written and recorded)

Temario completo de este curso

Media for Leaders Course
An organisation’s leadership has a corporate responsibility to not only communicate effectively, but also to be the trusted ambassador.
This is no easy task, but leaders need to master the media and build trustworthy profiles.
Course structure:
  • Working with radio and TV
  • Social media strategy
  • Crisis & Media Simulation
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