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Curso de Inglés: Nivel A2

Curso de Inglés: Nivel A2


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UNIT 1. DESCRIBING OURSELVES1. Listening• Used to• Linking words2. Reading• Comparative adjectives: superiority and inferiority• Comparative adjectives: equality3. Speaking: Semivowel sounds4. Writing: An essay5. Vocabulary• Adjectives for personality• Adjectives for physical appearance• Hobbies
UNIT 2. THE MEDIA1. Listening• There was, there were• A few, a little2. Reading• A lot of, much, many• How much, how many3. Speaking: The schwa4. Writing: A news report5. Vocabulary• Journalism and media• Verbs related to news
UNIT 3. ON HOLIDAYS1. Listening• Be going to• Future simple: will2. Reading• Prepositions of time• Adverb formation3. Speaking: Voiced and voiceless consonants4. Writing: A postcard5. Vocabulary• Holiday places• Holiday objects• Verbs related to holidays
UNIT 4. WHERE DO YOU LIVE?1. Listening• Present continuous• Make vs. do2. Reading• Something, anything, nothing• Someone, anyone, no one3. Speaking: Sh vs. S3CONTENIDO FORMATIVO4. Writing: An invitation5. Vocabulary• Parts of the house• Housework
UNIT 5. LET'S GO SHOPPING1. Listening• Past continuous• Interrogative pronouns (what vs. which; who vs. whom; whom vs. whose)2. Reading• Imperative affirmative• Make vs. let3. Speaking: Sh vs. Ch4. Writing: An email5. Vocabulary• Clothes• Expressions related to clothes• Types of shops
UNIT 6. AT THE DOCTOR'S1. Listening• Must, mustn’t• Should, shouldn't2. Reading• Infinitive of purpose• Phrasal verbs3. Speaking: The voiceless TH sound4. Writing: A blog post5. Vocabulary• Parts of the body• Illnesses• Verbs related to health
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