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Cursos de ingeniería en Firenze

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Accademia Riaci
Accademia Riaci | Curso en Firenze (Italia)
Course Topics Product Design Cycle Identification of Customer Needs and Market Research Concept Generation Technology and Market Assessment  Introduction to Industrial Design and Human Factors Estimation of Manufacturing Costs Introduction to Business...

Accademia Riaci
Accademia Riaci | Curso en Firenze (Italia)
  Product Design Art History Color Theory Three Dimentional Design Foundation Drawing and Painting Introduction to Art Materials and Processes Design Technology Theory of Product Design Human Factors in Product Design Product Design Studios Product...

IVA inc.
Accademia Riaci
Accademia Riaci | Máster en Firenze (Italia)
The Master’s Program in Product Design is a graduate level laboratory for postProduct design. Students and faculty are actively exploring how to design for new social conditions in which behavioral, material, technological, and natural landscapes...