Ionic Liquids

Ionic Liquids

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Duración : 5 Días has added an Ionic Liquids programme designed by London Training for Excellence.

This course has been especially addressed to scientists and inventors who are related in the oil and gas, plastics and solvents industry. Thanks to this course you will get a deep understanding of the new class of materials, the Ionic Liquids.

In only 20 hours you will get to learn to offer solutions about solvents, adsorbents, separation membranes, bio sensors, electrochemical sensors, electronics.

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"   Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Physicists, Biologists   Laboratory personnel/ researchers   Research groups "

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Day 1 Introduction to separation processes Chemical properties of interest Physical properties of interest Micro to macro level separations Separation importance and economics Case studies Simulation tools: from computational chemistry to CFD and Process simulation Importance of simulation stages Levels of simulation Day 2 Adsorption and Absorption Interaction energies Physical vs Chemical adsorption Porous adsorbents Types of adsorbents Adsorption and absorption columns Absorbents Liquid Amines and ionic Liquids Separation from multi component mixtures Efficiency of adsorption and absorption Reversibility Kinetics and Thermodynamics Case studies Simulation examples Day 3 Distillation Principles and equations Energy consumption McCabe Thiele and empirical equations Design and Optimization Case studies Thermodynamics and limitations Novel approaches Types of combined distillation [multi step extractive adsorptive reactive] Simulation of Distillation Day 4 Extraction Liquid - Liquid extraction principles Dispersions and colloids Known [classical] vs Novel extraction liquids Ionic Liquids case Efficiency and energy requirements Column design Interface extraction Advances and breakthroughs Specific cases Simulation of extraction: Computational Chemistry and Process Simulation examples Limitations Operation and Design Day 5 Comparative studies of liquid-liquid extraction vs distillation Comparative studies of liquid-liquid extraction vs adsorption Comparative studies of liquid-liquid extraction vs absorption Comparative studies of liquid-liquid extraction vs extraction Day 6 Economics Troubleshooting Operational stability Steady state Control Simulation examples of separation processes Day 7 Thermodynamic principles Energy and Exergy analysis in industrial processes / separations Optimization function Sizing and devices Simulation examples of separation processes
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