Process Safety

Process Safety

London Training for Excellence

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London (Inglaterra)

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Duración : 5 Días

London Training for Excellence has designed a seminar attempding to improve the understanding of Process Safety. This seminar added by is intended for all type of professionals in the chemical, manufacturing, oil and gas.

Thanks to this short course you will learn about all the ascpects of process safety, approaches of design, control and emergency responses.

You will be given the opportunity to gain a deeply understanding about environmental effects, you will build strong your skills for assessing risks and approaches for minimizing risk and exposure are discussed in detailed.

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" Engineers, workers, process engineers Executives, managers and directors of chemical, manufacturing, oil and gas, and power plants Investors in chemical, manufacturing, oil and gas, and other plants Safety managers, Safety officers, department heads "

Temario completo de este curso

Day 1 - Introduction to Hazard Analysis: The concepts of hazards risk and risk assessment. Hazard identification and analysis - offshore installations and drilling rigs. Hazards identification and analysis - Refineries and storage units/tank farms. Methods for risk evaluation. Integrating risk assessment within Risk Management. Semi-quantitative risk assessment techniques. The task-based approach to risk assessment. Day 2 - Advanced Hazard Analysis Techniques: Introduction to Process HAZOP. Syndicate exercise- application of HAZOP to hydrocarbon transfer system. Integrating HAZOP within the risk management system. Planning and implementing HAZOP Actions. Day 3 - Reliability Analysis: Introduction into reliability technology. Failure Modes and Effects Analysis ‘FM&EA’. Design and reliability of protective systems. New Standards for Hazardous Area Classification. Analysis of the consequences- mechanics of fire explosion and toxic releases. Day 4 - Analysis of the Consequences: Types of fire explosion and toxic releases in petroleum production. Modern software tools for modeling releases fire and explosion. Human contribution to accident causation. Modern concepts in incident investigation and analysis. Day 5 - HSE Management Systems: Elements of HSE Management Systems in the oil industry. The role of risk management within HSE MS. The concepts of safety cases offshore and control of major accident hazards ‘COMAH’ onshore. Preparation of action plans. Planning and implementing action plans.
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