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Master Oral Surgery, Implantology and Periodontology

Master Oral Surgery, Implantology and Periodontology

Odontología UCAM

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During the school year, all the subjects that make up the master’s degree in implantology will be developed, complementing it with the development of clinical cases and applying all learning procedures based on scientific evidence.

The online content will be given to the student at the beginning of each thematic block. In this way he will be able to do it during the module, having the means of online communication to solve doubts with his tutors.

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The objective of the Master is to confer a high theoretical and practical training as well as inculcating the need for the reading of scientific literature. Showing the different techniques of revision, writing and presentation of scientific results applicable to the knowledge process.

A quién va dirigido

This postgraduate program is indicated to dentists, oral surgeons and maxillofacial surgeons that want to improve their surgical skills and update their knowledge in the field of implantology

Temario completo de este curso

Module 1 (Online)


Maxillary anatomy.

Periodontal Anatomy.

Radiology and CBCT.

Periodontal disease.

PUB MED. Search of articles and application to daily work.

How to carry out a final master essay(TFM).

Module 2 (Online)


Types of implants.

Milling protocol.

Diagnosis and Planning.

Incisions and Sutures.

Basic Periodontal Diagnosis.

Module 3 (Online)


Periodontic Materials.

Advanced Diagnosis in Periodontology.

Oral Cavity Injuries in Oral Surgery.

Cysts and Maxillary Tumors.

Module 4 (On-Site)


Incisions and Sutures II.

Switch Platform.

Immediate Loading.

Records and Photographs for Patients.

Prosthetic Options.

Module 5 (Online)


Prosthetic Options II.

Prosthetics Materials on Implants.

Included Tooth Exodontia Techniques.

Advanced Periodontics.

Module 6 (On-Site)


One Abutment One Time.

Socket Shield.

Bone Regeneration Biomaterials.

Membranes and Specific Materials.

Sinus elevation. Techniques and Materials.

Module 7 (Online)


Infection Control and Field Preparation.

Basic and Advanced Instrumental.

Odontogenic infection.

Module 8 (On-Site)


Especial Implants. Short and narrow .

Biomaterials and GAP preservation.

Plastic Periodontal Surgery.

Smile Design and Applications.

Biomaterials and advanced techniques.

Severe Atrophy and Implantology.



Students will send a summary of each of the taken modules.

Students will take an online exam for each of the taken modules.

Students will take one onsite exam for each of the campus modules.

3 clinical cases where students will apply all of the techniques they have learned.

Final exam, presentation of the master final work once the last module is completed. (Rules to be followed will be explained during the first module.

The presentation will be carried out by video conference.

Students will send a final master essay of at least 50 pages in Word format.

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