Marketing Management and Advanced Strategy

Marketing Management and Advanced Strategy

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Duración : 5 Días

This comprehensive 5 day course is designed to give you good understanding of the marketing process and a strategy to take your product to the market. From the greass roots of competitive and SWOT analysis to advanced pricing strategies this course will give you the tools needed to succeed in this ever changing competitive business world.

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These management issues are critical to executives responsible for leading or coordinating the activities of marketing and sales department.

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Day 1 - Introduction to Marketing Management The marketing concepts Long term vs. short term goals Marketing vs. selling The SWOT Analysis The Competitive Analysis Environmental Analysis Day 2 - Understanding Your Customers Market Analysis The Customer Decision Making Process Understanding the power of the customer’s point of view Market Drivers and Forces Relationship building Day 3 - Analysing Market Opportunities and Understanding Your Competitors Buying behaviour and target market groups Defining your marketing strategy and how to combine that within your sales strategy Understanding your competition Market segment and target market Integrated market Day 4 - Marketing strategy development and decisions Product life cycle Market research Brand strategy Understanding your break-even and contribution pricing Day 5 - Managing and Delivering Marketing Understanding Price and creating a price strategy Marketing channels Advertising Managing sales force On line marketing Marketing reports
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