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American english no limits


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For those people who wish to practise a slower learning of English. English for adults is a series of courses designed for students over fourteen. The student learns basing on exercises, sentences and visual support and exercises.

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Temario completo de este curso

• American English Basic Block 1
In this level the student will learn the personal pronouns, how to conjugate the present simple, the alphabet, how to ask questions and give information, to talk about daily routines, how to order food or buy clothes, and so on.

• American English Basic Block 2
In this level the student will learn some modal verbs, for example can, the frequency advers, the prepositions of place, how to conjugate the verb to have, how to give commands and instructions, and so on. Regarding vocabulary, he will learn the colors in English, the parts of the body, the names of the clothes, or words related to the family.

• American English Basic Block 3
Block 3 is for those people who want to learn more complex verb tenses in English, such as the past, or else the present continuous, comparing it with the present simple. They will also learn to make comparisons between things and places. Regarding vocabulary, they will learn how to say the parts of the house in English, the months of the year, the clothes, the ordinal numbers, and also how to write dates in English.

• American English Intermediate Block 4
In this block you will learn to talk about future and past actions, using the present continuous, the past simple or else other different verb tenses, to talk about the weather, to express agreement and disagreement with somebody, and so on. In block 4 more complex verb tenses are going to be introduced, as the present perfect, comparing it with the past simple and the existing differences between these two verb tenses and when we can use them will be explained.

• American English Intermediate Block 5
In this block the different situations that you can find when you travel abroad or at work are explained in detail. Regarding the grammar, there will be a revision of the past tense, indicating the differences between the past simple and the past continuous. At the same time, there will be new modal verbs, like must or should.

• American English Intermediate Block 6
With these levels you will be introduced to the English language and you will be able to give your first steps in English. You will start building sentences in English and keeping conversations. You will be able to read a poster, ask for directions, take a taxi or to know how to perform very well in a hotel or a restaurant when you travel to a foreign country. If you are not going to go out to a foreign country at the moment, you will be able to read a newspaper or pages from the internet in English, with a good understanding level.

American English Advanced Block 7
In this block the student will learn how to talk about what you do in your free time will be learnt, at the same time situations related to the daily work or the housework will appear. The student will learn how to face these situations in a real context. Regarding grammar, the past, the present and the future simple tenses will be revised.

• American English Advanced Block 8
In block 8 how to describe people's personality will be explained, the differences in vocabulary between the American and the British English will also been explained as well as the differences that there are between certain verbs which have got the same translation in Spanish, but which are used in different contexts in English, as for example the case of expect, hope and wait.

• American English Advanced Block 9
The student will find this block very interesting because topics related to education, ecology, health and the spiritual life are dealt in it. Besides, in the grammatical section the passive voice, and the conditional will be seen.

• American English Expert Block 10
In this block, you will do a consolidation of the main verbs in English of the present, the past and the future, at the same time you will learn how to describe physically a person with detail, according to his age and the physical qualities which he owns. You will also find the description which is made of the theatre very interesting.

• American English Expert Block 11
In this block you will learn how to talk about quantities and percentages in English and how to use the verbs of permission and obligation such as can't, have to, needn't, should, allowed to, and so on. You will also learn to give advices, offer to do things, make promises, suggestions and requests, as well as to write letters.

• American English Expert Block 12
Finally, this block is for those people who have a high level of English and want to improve it. Here you will learn to speak in English about superstitions, about horoscopes, you will learn the synonyms and antonyms of certain words. Likewise, you will learn to describe scenes and images and to give your own impressions about what you see.

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