Excellence of Educational Institutions

Excellence of Educational Institutions

London Training for Excellence

Curso subvencionado para desempleados presencial

London (Inglaterra)


Duración : 5 Días

If you want to develop your skills in the quality management system. Then, you should look at this course in Lectiva.com directory.

With this programme designed by London Training for Excellence, you will benefits of quality excellence in an organisation’s development and learn to provide the necessary skills and competencies to managing, administrating and teaching staff of educational institutions.

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Temario completo de este curso

  • Identify and eliminate waste and non-value-added steps in existing work flows
  • Link process improvement efforts to stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Learn and apply key improvement tools to measure, strengthen and enhance performance
  • Identify the main processes of the organisation and develop a process map
  • Design the organisation quality management processes
  • Implement a quality management system
  • Monitor and evaluate processes
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