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The objective of the MBA in Sports Management is to train management professionals in the world of sports. It combines a unique exposure to Real Madrid, academic excellence, real practical cases and a vast network of contacts in the sports industry.

A quién va dirigido

- Graduates who wish to focus their professional careers on sports management - Professionals in the field of sports who wish to update their knowledge - Professionals from other fields of knowledge who wish to enter the sports world, or professional athletes who, having retired from competition, aspire to continue in the sports arena as managers.


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Temario completo de este curso

Módule I: General Management in Sports Organizations

  • Economic Analysis of the Sports Industry
  • Strategic Planning. Analysis of Sports Environments and Competition
  • Business Management Models and Economic Aspects

Módule II: Finance

  • Annual Accounts for Sports Clubs and Organizations
  • Planning and Control in Sports Organization Management
  • Financial Management

Módule III: Sports Facility Management and Operation

  • Infrastructure Management within a Sports Entity
  • Production of Sporting Events
  • Quality and Incident Management

Módule IV: Marketing and Communications

  • Strategic and Operational Marketing
  • Sponsorship in Sports
  • Audiovisual Rights
  • Sports and Society
  • Sports and the Media

Módule V: Managerial Skills and Human Resources

  • People Management and Teamwork
  • Coaching Applied to Sports
  • Motivational Leadership of Teams
  • Communication: Public Speaking in Professional Environments
  • Emotional Intelligence in Sports Organizations

Módule VI: Specialization Branch A - Marketing and Communications

  • The Media
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Official Organizations
  • Sports Rights
  • Sporting Events and Brand Profitability
  • Sports Clubs
  • Sponsorship
  • Brand and Identity Management
  • Practical Application of a Communication Plan
  • Social Network and the Community Manager
  • Sports Content in the New Digital World

Módule VII: Specialization Branch B - Entrepreneurship and Sports for Development

  • Strategies for Starting a Sports Business
  • The Business Plan and Financing
  • International Organizations in Sports for Development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sports
  • Social Entrepreneurship in Sports
  • Keys to Success and Failure

Módule VIII: Specialization Branch C - Sports Facility Operation

  • Management of Sports Facility Operations
  • Security and Technology at Sports Facilities
  • Municipal Operations and Management
  • The Fitness and Wellness Market
  • Large Parks
  • Golf Course Management
  • Organization of Sporting Events
  • Management of Leisure and Non-Conventional Spaces

Módule IX: Internship

Módule X: Master's Thesis

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