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Public Sector Leadership

Public Sector Leadership

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London (Inglaterra)


Lectiva.com introduce the new course in Public Sector Leadership!

Thanks to this programme, you will study and understand different theoretical perspectives on leadership.

Also, you will be able to control the tensions that can arise between the bureaucratic, administration-driven traditions of public services and the leadership, through different management styles that this course will teach you.

The Public Sector Leadership course will show you how the relationship between political leadership and organisational leadership work and the Different approaches adopted by public service leaders around the globe, including attributes of success and failure.

Are you ready to become a Leader in the Public Sector? Learn more about this opportunity in Lectiva.com.co.uk!

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Fecha inicio

Marzo 2020

A quién va dirigido

Those who work in the public services and wish to achieve credible and dynamic leadership; managerial leaders who wish to be successful in the public services; those taking on the responsibility of leadership in the public services.

Temario completo de este curso

Leadership and Reform of the Public Services
  • Is there a leadership problem in the public services?
  • Perspectives on leadership
  • Remaking the welfare state
In Search of Leadership
  • Myths and conundrums
  • But we are different..
  • Leading in the absence of ‘profit’
  • Performance and conformance – carrots and sticks
Academic Research
  • Leadership and Management
  • Transformational change
  • Leaders and followers
  • Other management leaders
  • Managerial leaders and partners
  • Evaluation
  • A normative model of leadership
The Leadership Trajectory
  • Who are the leaders? The role of politics in public service leadership.
  • Followership
  • Leading change and renewal – the ultimate aspiration for public service
Lessons in Leadership
  • The problem leadership addresses
  • Leadership processes
  • Managers and elected politicians
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