Inglés B1 - 2018 - contenido online

Inglés B1 - 2018 - contenido online

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Something about me
Countries, Present, Present continous...
Hobbies, Adverbs...
State verbs
A thing of the past
Irregular verbs
Ways of speaking
Linking expressions
Expressing likes and dislikes
What's the matter?
Adverbs, body...
Possessives, Accidents...
It's unfair!
Collocations I
Comparatives and superlatives
Questions and short answers
Looks like/looks
Make it a rule!
Jobs, Modal Verbs...
Interviews, make, let...
Next week's lessons
How to talk about the future
The passive voice
Modals of deduction
Have something done
At home
Say and Tell
Reported speech
Relative clauses
Phrasal verbs
Our planet
Reporting imperatives and requests
Question tags
Zero and first conditional
What's on TV tonight?
Adjectives II
The media I
Prepositions of place
Means of transport
Fashion victims
The media II
Prepositions of movement
Food and cooking
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