Essential Influencing and Persuading Skills: Communicate, Negotiate, Influence & Persuade

Essential Influencing and Persuading Skills: Communicate, Negotiate, Influence & Persuade

London Training for Excellence

Curso subvencionado para desempleados presencial

London (Inglaterra)


Duración : 5 Días

Managing and Leading Strategic Communication Programme imparted by London Training for Excellence is the new course added to If you are looking to reinforce your communications skills this is the right course for you!

Thanks to this course you will gain strong abilities to communicate well and have a significant impact on an individuals life. With this course, you will learn about negotiation, communication and how to transmit a message.

Start your training, change your perspective and develop new habits to succeed in this highly competitive life. Start today in this adventure and register in

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Temario completo de este curso

  • Define the Negotiation Environment.
  • Learn the range of negotiation styles and practices.
  • Differentiate win/win from win/lose.
  • Defining the wise agreement.
  • Be able to use motivation and commitment to their advantage
  • Implement different motivational and commitment techniques at the work place.
  • Practice the proper techniques for deliberating work vision and objectives.
  • Apply the most suitable motivational and commitment techniques for motivating a multinational team.
  • Improve the quality of work through the application of motivation and commitment techniques.
  • Prepare your message with an eye to psychology, appeal to emotions to get maximum results
  • Put your ideas together and organise your content. Use latest IT tools and technology
  • Design your presentation and make it appear professional and artistic
  • Deliver and try to match the greatest speeches ever given in history!
  • Understand how to structure your communication
  • Develop different communication styles
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