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Strategic Human Resource Management - Level 1

Strategic Human Resource Management - Level 1

London Business Training & Consulting

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London (Inglaterra)

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Duración : 1 Semana

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to understand:

The strategic nature of HR.

The process of formulating and implementing organisational development strategy.

The meaning and significance of human capital management (HCM).

The approaches to the development of knowledge management strategies.

The nature of performance management strategy.

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Fecha inicio

Diciembre 2019

A quién va dirigido

HR directors; Heads of HR functions; HR business partners; Senior HR executives, managers, advisors and officers who wish to contribute to the development and implementation of HR strategy; Chief officers, Chairpersons, Board members, Company directors, Heads of Departments, and all those at the highest levels of an organisation interested in developing an in-depth knowledge of strategic HRM.

Temario completo de este curso

The Strategic Role of HR
  • The strategic nature of HR
  • The strategic business partner model
  • The strategic role of HR directors
  • The strategic role of heads of HR functions
Organisational Development Strategy
  • Organisational development activities
  • Formulating and implementing organisational development strategy
  • Culture change
Human Capital Management (HCM) Strategy
  • Aims of HCM
  • The role of HCM strategy
  • The link between HCM and business strategy
  • Developing an HCM strategy
Knowledge Management Strategy
  • The process of knowledge management
  • Sources and types of knowledge
  • Approaches to the development of knowledge management strategies
  • Components of a knowledge management strategy
Performance Management Strategy
  • The nature of a performance management system
  • Performance management activities
  • Implementation problems
  • The nature of performance management strategy
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