Strategic Selling and its Effect in Winning and Retaining Customers

Strategic Selling and its Effect in Winning and Retaining Customers

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"Strategic Selling helps you identify and convert sales opportunities into closed business. It also helps you discover the full sales opportunity that your prospect represents. With most sales opportunities, there are multiple influencers that impact the deal. With Strategic Selling you’ll assess what you know about your clients, discover what you don’t know, and learn who and what you need to know to develop a winning solution.

Strategic Selling involves you in real-world situations, not theoretical case studies, and enables you to create detailed action plans for your own accounts."

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Sales management and professionals in complex selling environments, which usually have multiple decision makers and long sales cycles.

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Introduction. Critical changes in selling environments. Sales Objectives. Communicating with a simple sales language. The Use of a universal sales process adaptable to any sales situation. Identifying the buying influences present in every sales opportunity. Focusing your selling efforts on areas that matter most. Overcoming obstacles that can derail your sale. Creating a result that’s good for you and the customer. The Sales to improve productivity. The Ideal Customer Profile. Creating win-win relationships. Converting your prospect’s buying influences to work in your favour. Identifying influencing and inspiring all the decision- makers. Improving communication between management and the field sales cycles. Winning business and creating customers for life. Selling in real-world situations and case studies.
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