Master in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management

Master in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management

Escuela Universitaria de Hotelería y Turismo de Sant Pol de Mar

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Sant Pol De Mar (Barcelona)

más de 9000€

Duración : 8 Meses

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Fecha inicio

Sant Pol De Mar


Acquire knowledge of the administration and kitchen management of a cooking department. Learn how to apply different cooking techniques depending on the type of traditional cuisine, modern, on the cutting edge and thematic. Learn how to apply the newest culinary techniques: vacuum cooking, molecular cooking, cooking with nitrogen, etc. Know and analyse the experiences and trends in creativity and innovation in cooking. Be informed on the culinary trends, apply creative processes in the kitchen and constant research. Be in command of document processes planning cuisine of any category of events and control costs. Apply systematization and standardization processes in the development of the cuisine for different types of events.

A quién va dirigido

The Master is addressed to graduates and professionals of gastronomy with experience in the culinary industry, wishing to expand and deepen their knowledge in this field.


There are 4 ways to access the Master in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management: 1) Official university graduates in cooking-related courses. 2) Official university graduates with sufficient experience in the field of cooking according to EUHT StPOL. 3) Graduates from technical cooking courses lasting a minimum of 2 years full time. 4) Cooking professionals with sufficient proven experience according to EUHT StPOL.

Temario completo de este curso

Module 1: kitchen management and administration
Module 2: culinary products and techniques
Module 3: innovation and creativity in cooking
Module 4: cooking for events
Module 5: pastry and baking for restaurants
Final project during the lecture period (6 ECTS, 150 hours of study work)
Professional internship to be done after completion of the five modules(12 ECTS, 300 hours of study work)
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